Atheist? Agnostic? Skeptic? Muslim? Jew? Hindu? Buddhist? It seems the Constitution Party is not interested in your vote.

If you do not consider yourself a Christian, the Constitution Party in the Preamble of their Platform immediately punches you in your belly and makes you feel sick:

"This great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.... The goal of the Constitution Party is to restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations." -Preamble to Constitution Party Platform.

Why such a blatant invitation to non-Christians to view your Party as desiring a Christian theocracy? Why not simply say something like: "We want to restore inalienable spiritual rights as the basis for governance?" Such a broader, inclusive, statement would attract those of all religions and no religion.

As it stands, the Constitution Party is sabotaging their own ultimate goal by relying on an exclusionary mechanism. Meanwhile, Jesus Christ teaches us how to include everyone:

"You still think holiness is difficult, because you cannot see how it can be extended to include EVERYONE, and you HAVE learned that it must include everyone, to be holy." -Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles