The ultimate result of taking from those who produce desired goods and services and giving to those who do not produce desired goods and services.... a society in which the production and distribution of desired goods and services grinds to a halt [because "it's not worth the pain"] and is replaced by economic misery, widespread poverty, and the rise to power of thugs.

One only needs to be honest about last century's Soviet experiment to see this truth. Widespread poverty is the end result of Obama's attempt to redistribute wealth.

It's not so much that Obama fails to understand economics; it's that his morality is profoundly flawed. Society can never be better off by robbing individuals.

"The root of the whole modern disaster is philosophical and moral. People are not embracing collectivism because they have accepted bad economics. They are accepting bad economics because they have embraced collectivism.

"The moral and social ideal preached by everybody today is the ideal of collectivism. Men are told that man exists only in order to serve others; that the 'common good' is man's only proper aim in life and his sole justification for existence; that man is his brother's keeper, that everybody owes everybody a living, that everybody is responsible for everybody's welfare; and that the poor are the primary concern of society, its holy shrine, the god whom all must serve." -Ayn Rand (in a letter to Leonard Read)

This is the morality of slavery. Obama might as well be honest upfront and break out government guns and whips. The attempted enslavement of producers is the unspoken evil desire lurking within every "liberal progressive" fascist.