Once upon a time there were 3 little angels from heaven who came to earth to teach freedom.

The first angel came to teach the ultimate freedom ... spiritual freedom. He became a master teacher of the universal spiritual course and attracted many hundreds of students. Because of his great radiant light most of his students wanted to live near him and attend his sessions as often as possible. When they were able to disengage their intellects, do nothing with their minds, and join with him in spirit, it was almost like they were vacuumed out of this world ... swoosh ... into dazzling spiritual experiences and previously unimaginable understanding. "How tempting it is to stay in heaven and not even return to earth," said the enlightened students. But they usually found themselves back in the world, as if there was something to finish on earth.

The second angel came to teach intellectual freedom. She became a writer of novels and attracted several million readers. Her novels portrayed men and women as heroic when they refused to betray their spirit, their intuition, their reason and logic. Her readers learned to free their minds of dogma, propaganda, spiritless philosophizing, and peer group "correctness." They learned to entertain unconventional, innovative, and extraordinary mind-expanding ideas in the most daring intellectual enlightenment ever. Free minds electrified the world with inventions, scientific breakthroughs, technological marvels, and new solutions to age old problems. Yet if they happened to catch a few words by almost any politician on the evening news they invariably said to themselves, "If I wasn't laughing at this, I'd probably be crying! We're not out of the woods yet!"

The third angel came to teach political freedom. He became a prophet who saw into the future and saw the nature of governments after human beings became enlightened. He foresaw the abolition of the last remaining form of slavery, known as taxation. He saw a new democracy that did not amount to a dictatorship of the majority of voters, but rather a joyously agreed upon consensus. He saw a new political system which could not degenerate into a tyranny of special interest groups.

This angel could see clearly how workable and easy it would be for governments to replace the extortioner's practice of taxation with reliance on voluntary donations earmarked for specific projects. His vision showed him workable and sustainable mechanisms which would keep governments from taking over people's lives and put an end to government deception, force, and threat of force except for the minimal force necessary to stop those who might still mistakenly act on the old unenlightened belief that they could somehow gain by victimizing others.

This third angel could see the expansion of a future-looking totally liberty-oriented political party which eventually attracts hundreds of millions of voters in the United States alone. He could see elected office holders from this party transforming all governments into truly enlightened service organizations serving each individual more wonderfully than ever in history. "Liberty works!" became an accepted truth which everybody took for granted because it was an understanding which had indeed been granted to them by the grace of their enlightenment.

So that's the story. But a mischievous angel with an eye twinkle might ask: of the three angels who came to earth to teach freedom, which was doing the most heavenly work?

Hint: this is a trick question.

It might be tempting to immediately answer that the first angel is doing the greatest work, wouldn't you say? After all, the most all-encompassing freedom that can be taught is spiritual freedom. Show men and women that spiritual liberation is the experience they really, really, really want and they will automatically want to also experience intellectual and political freedom as a reflection of their own spiritual freedom, true or false?

Well, let's find out. For starters, here are three test questions:

Scenario 1: The earth is being blown to pieces, not in the wonderful sense of a spiritual flash-out in which all forms disappear into bright light, but in the painful, Armageddon sense of a world-wide nuclear war started by:

Spiritual seekers?
Political power addicts?
(circle one)

Scenario 2: The world is starving to death, not in the positive sense of earthly forms not being held together because all attention is on heaven, but with the physical suffering and physical deprivation of a devastating economic depression brought about by:

First graders?
Everyday productive workers?
Meddlesome government economists?
(circle one)

Scenario 3: The world is inspirationally dead, mired in listless stagnation, no new ideas, no new inventions, no new risk taking with new projects, only the lifeless status quo engendered by:

Second graders?
Free thinkers?
Intellectual dogmatists with power?
(circle one)

Your holy spirit really likes it when your world plunges into pain, sickness, suffering, stagnation, death and taxation. True or false?

False? Then maybe it's not your spirit but some other instigator who ultimately worships these hellish states. "By their fruits, ye shall know them."

Perhaps the way to salvation is not escaping to heaven while leaving intact the world of pain, sickness, suffering, death, and taxation.

Maybe the only way out of darkness altogether and forever is to lighten up the world even as you yourself lighten up. Maybe "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" means producing a world that is a reflection of the freedom your spirit enjoys.

Wouldn't it be surprising if spiritual freedom, intellectual freedom, and political freedom are ultimately inseparable?

Smile, you're on candid camera! You've been asked a trick question. It turns out the angel working for spiritual freedom, the angel working for intellectual freedom, and the angel working for political freedom are not three angels after all, but one and the same angel. Three in one so to speak, like St. Patrick's shamrock.

The law of non-contradiction proclaims that if you are interested in spiritual freedom you must at least in your mind also lend support to intellectual and political freedom, true or false?

Someone once said, "Show me a man who does not wish to accept shackles on his spirit but is willing to watch while others are shackled in order to achieve some high-sounding political goal, and I will show you a man who has sold his soul to internal conflict."

Yet nowadays there are those who say, "Show me a course of instruction which teaches spiritual freedom, intellectual freedom, and political freedom all at once and we will show you a course produced by angels whose work is uplifting the entire earth."

Such a course is Course in Political Miracles, a collection of lessons given to earth from the heavenly realms which if worked diligently for 52 weeks (one lesson a week) not only liberates you from the pain, fear, and guilt inflicted by your own mind, but creates political freedom in the process.

To your friends and relatives who are highly interested in spiritual opening and a spiritual life, you can say with non-contradictory honesty: "You are a spiritual being. And yet while you are still stepping a foot on earth, whether you like it or not you are also a political being. So I'm sending you a story about your political world not being something which can be ignored and separated out of your life after all."

To your relatives and friends who are interested in political freedom, you can say in honest truth: "A political world which reflects full freedom cannot be created by those who have yet to experience the fullness of their own spiritual freedom. So I'm sending you a story about the importance of freeing yourself spiritually if you want to free your world politically."

Of course you send everyone the same story which happens to be this very article about three angels who are really one, so everyone can learn about this course of instruction angels have produced.

Are there actually angels who come to earth and work to bring about conditions of freedom? Were John Adams and Thomas Jefferson two manifestations in form of the same beam of light? What about Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry? How about Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis?

These are questions which primitive earth science cannot yet answer while the science of heaven is little known on earth.

What we do know is earthly conditions are a reflection of our level of awareness. And we know that as we choose freedom, true freedom in every aspect and in every way, then freedom will be chosen by everyone.

If guiding angels are dancing around in your atmosphere, they are with joy in their hearts and mischievous loving twinkles in their eyes daring you to start each day by saying aloud as many times as it takes to feel the truth of it:

"I am free!
My spirit is free!
My mind is free!
And political freedom is
inevitable in my world!"

"God's laws will keep your minds at peace, because peace IS His Will, and His laws are established to uphold it. His are the laws of freedom, but yours are the laws of bondage. Since freedom and bondage are irreconcilable, their laws CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD TOGETHER. The laws of God work only for your good, and there ARE no other laws beside His. Everything else is merely lawLESS, and therefore chaotic." -Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles