If you asked people who was mankind's greatest champion against prejudice, a surprising number would answer: Martin Luther King. If King himself heard such answers, he would laugh and point to Jesus Christ as the hero:

"Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven." (Luke 6:37)

In his modern day revelation for the 21st Century, A Course in Miracles, Jesus expands on his teaching against prejudice:

When the Bible says "Judge not that ye be not judged" it merely means that if you judge the reality of others at all, you will be unable to avoid judging your own. The choice to judge rather than know has been the cause of the loss of peace

Judgment ALWAYS involves rejection. It is not an ability which emphasizes ONLY the positive aspects of what is judged, whether it be in or out of the self. However, what has been perceived and rejected, (or judged and found wanting) remains in the unconscious because it HAS been perceived

In fact, their meaning
[the meaning of others] is lost to you precisely because you ARE judging them.

So what has this to do with Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney has rescued many struggling businesses, turning them into astounding successes. He rescued the 2002 Winter Olympics from devastating scandal and turned it into the most unforgettable Winter Olympics ever. He is immanently capable of rescuing the United States of America from it's free falling spiral into fascist socialism which has been accelerated by a false prophet in the Presidency.

They call the great deceiver, President Obama, "The Anointed One." But if anyone ever  honestly deserved anointment by the American people it would be Mitt Romney.

So why is Romney not 50 percentage points ahead in polls about Republican nomination in 2012?


To be sure, some Christians only damn themselves with their prejudice against Romney's Mormon religion. But the prejudice Romney really faces runs much deeper than religious prejudice. It is inability to accept such honesty, such spirituality, such intelligence, such amazing results ... prejudice against his heroism.

Is Romney too heroic for the American public? Does he stand out as too great an achiever, so he must be brought down by the human ego? Ellsworth Toohey, in Ayn Rand's novel The Fountainhead, gives voice to a sentiment which might just be at work against Romney: "I play the stock market of the spirit and I sell short"

In one of the best articles written these days, John Schroeder explores Prejudice and Romney's Health Care Speech.  This is an article well worth reading.

There is no reason to join the ranks of those who judge Mitt Romney because they fear him.  There is nothing to fear from the man.  Be like Martin Luther King and give yourself permission to get to know Mitt Romney ... with honest perception.

To really understand the evil psychology of modern "liberal progressives," read Ayn Rand's entire novel "Atlas Shrugged"

"God's laws will keep your minds at peace, because peace IS His Will, and His laws are established to uphold it. His are the laws of freedom, but yours are the laws of bondage. Since freedom and bondage are irreconcilable, their laws CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD TOGETHER. The laws of God work only for your good, and there ARE no other laws beside His. Everything else is merely lawLESS, and therefore chaotic." -Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles