"Voters approved just one of the six propositions, a measure prohibiting pay raises for lawmakers and other state elected officials during deficit years." - Ballot Defeat Leaves Calif. In Deeper Budget Hole

It happens rarely. But once in a near comet's pass an election is carried by voters who are smarter than "liberal" Democrats and their news media allies.

Of course CBS slanted the above story to avoid mentioning the culpability of news media "liberals" and Democratic legislators. The media wants it to look like it's the fault of California voters, not greedy Democrats and power-mad teachers' unions, that poor little children's education (read: leftist indoctrination) could feel the pain of budget cuts.

(There was a day when Americans didn't have public education and everybody did fine.)

And of course approved CBS policy blames Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger because he still clothes himself as a "Republican" despite acting like a Democrat in sabotaging republican principles in every way. Republicans are always the scapegoat, right? When the shit hits the fan because of the country-bankrupting spending spree of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid CBS will find a way to blame Mitt Romney, don't you think?

The once "Golden State" has become hell. As California goes, so goes all the United States. The question is: have the voters of California signaled a change in the direction of freeing California from insanity?