"But that's not all. Not only does cap-and-trade yield no net gain to the economy, but when you factor in efficiency losses due to higher energy costs, job losses almost certainly exceed job gains." - Energy Policy Analyst William Yeatman in Green jobs: All Pain for No Gain

Worldwide Truth: To the degree government has its fingers in a country's economy, that country's economy is chaos.

Haven't we seen enough government economic manipulation in the last couple hundred years? Does anyone really believe lawyers and politicians using the force of law can better produce and distribute what people want than voluntary transactions in the free market?

Oh, that's right! Lawyers and politicians are of the opinion that people don't know what they really want, and left to their own devices without being forced will choose what is not good for them.

The voluntary free market is not producing a green world fast enough, so government has to force green on us. This cannot fail be very painful because government force used in this way is insane and immoral.

Insanity and immorality are always very painful, wouldn't you say?