"The Paid Vacation Act, forces every private business in America with more than 100 employees to give everyone a free week of paid vacation. That government mandate increases to two weeks in subsequent years.

"You don’t need to conduct a study to see what havoc such laws wreak on the economy because they are already in force countries like France, where then-ruling Socialist Party lawmakers long ago instituted 'free vacation' proposals."
Alan Grayson's latest "Mickey Mouse" idea

The Libertarian Party's Communications Director, Donny Ferguson, writer of the above article, argues persuasively that socialist legislation like Grayson's Paid Vacation Act is hopelessly short-sighted and insane economics.

But liberals don't care whether the economics of their proposals are insane. They sell their Utopian ideas as "nice for everyone to have" ... to hell with the economics. Which is of course where their socialist programs lead the entire country ... into hell. Yes, the program is economic insanity, but Ferguson is foolish fighting it on economic grounds. Voters admit they don't know anything about economics.

The argument that should be put forward is the immorality of such programs. By what right do liberals believe it's okay to force you to take a vacation? Or force me to take a vacation? Or force anyone to take a vacation? Or force business operators to offer vacations?

The "right" liberals claim is: "We have studies that show what is healthy for people."

Does this mean they can force you to brush your teeth because studies show that brushing your teeth is good for you? Does it mean they can force you to eat a vegan diet because it can be shown that a vegan diet is healthier than a diet containing meat and dairy products? Does this mean they can force you to be sexually active because some studies show that sexually active adults are more "well-adjusted;" or force you to refrain from sexual activity because other studies show great benefits from celibacy?

Where do liberals get the belief that, like gods, they need to tell others how they "have to" live their lives ... and use government force to back up their commandments?

To be sure, Grayson's "commandment from above" is economic insanity. But the real issue is Grayson's eagerness to be a slave master. Modern "liberalism" is actually a system of institutionalized slavery in which "liberals" are the masters while you and I are the slaves.

No Ferguson, it's not a "Mickey Mouse" proposal. Mickey Mouse never sought to enslave anyone. It's another brutal proposal seeking to extend slavery.