In the news: Sales of the 52 year old novel "Atlas Shrugged" continue to surge, surpassing 300,000 copies in the first half of 2009, a 250 percent increase over the same period last year.

With Obama's socialist sympathizers taking over America, it is not surprising that people would start asking, "Why? How have we become a fascist country?" Only one well-known intellectual has ever given a fundamental and detailed presentation of the answer: Ayn Rand in her 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged.

In another new book, Goddess of the Market, University of Virginia historian Jennifer Burns assents to the subtitle: Ayn Rand and the American Right, as if Ayn Rand might somehow have something to do with the modern political right wing. In reality, Ayn Rand recognized extreme political naivete of the American right, and if she were alive today would surely blame the foolishness of right-wingers for the Obama fascist takeover.

Jennifer Burns notwithstanding, during Rand's life she had virtually no connection with the American right. Yet paradoxically, today the American right desperately needs the political insight which Ayn Rand provides.

One huge barrier to the political right's unwillingness to really understand Ayn Rand is her loudly professed atheism. In this respect, Rand sounds like a leftist. Therefore the American right turns a blind eye to Ayn Rand's deep spirituality. After all, the right is predominately religious and has a powerful ego-vested interest in adopting defensive blindness with respect to any writer who is overtly anti-religion.

Most people on the political right probably do not want to admit that a person can be spiritual without being religious. Meanwhile, as if in a cosmic joke, the American political left worships government with extreme religious rigidity arising out of hopeless addiction to Marxist ideas which effectively block the kind of spiritual seeing which Ayn Rand was open to.

re-li-gious: -adjective; scrupulously faithful; conscientious.

spir-it-u-al: -adjective; of or pertaining to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature.

"God's laws will keep your minds at peace, because peace IS His Will, and His laws are established to uphold it. His are the laws of freedom, but yours are the laws of bondage. Since freedom and bondage are irreconcilable, their laws CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD TOGETHER. The laws of God work only for your good, and there ARE no other laws beside His. Everything else is merely lawLESS, and therefore chaotic." -Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles