The 1787 U.S. Constitution could be seen as a "miracle" compared to mankind's political history previous to that time. Some say "God's guidance" was involved in 1787. But clearly the ego of man also played its part, and by leaving too much open to interpretation, and by allowing some activities which actually violate individual rights, the 1787 U.S. Constitution fell short of perfect.

Maybe written constitutions for political governance will always be less than perfect. But the human race has evolved since 1787. Human understanding has evolved. If you believe in Divine Guidance, there is every reason to believe that Divine Guidance is still available and we can once again access the miracle which inspired the U.S. Constitution, but with less ego involvement than ever. Even if you don't believe in Divine Guidance, the failure of the U.S. Constitution to provide for government free of insanity and corruption should invite your mind to be open to learning from mistakes and trying anew.

Whether a people start a new country with new governance, or reform the structure of their current country, it is their right to lay a new and stronger foundation for the protection of their lives, liberties, and rightfully earned property. It is time for a more modern constitution which serves better secure the 3 sacred rights of individuals: life, liberty, and property.

21st Century Constitution For a Moral Government